A pen without ink

Jatinder Singh Randev sabi one of best Punjabi poetry from his book Bina Shai di Kalam “A Pen Without Ink” #Rukh…Very meaningful and heart touching lines


Three youngster’s died due drowning in Beas river

26 march 2017, Five Friends of village ballah went to beas river for swimming and 3 of them lost in river.One of them was my fiend miss him a lot.

bodies are still not found.


Name- Ravinder singh from ballah

come back plsss.

Here is the link to news video.

ABP news sanja

Punjabi poetry book “Bina Siahi Di Kalam” by Jatinder Singh Randev

This book is about pain of seperation from loved one and touch few aspects of life.

Readers who love meaningful poetry will enjoy and life this book

Released – March 2017

Author – Jatinder Singh Randev

Publisher – Lahore book, India 

Catagory – Punjabi Poetry