Red Dead Redemption 2 release date LEAKED: Fans should keep this September date free

RED DEAD Redemption 2 fans might want to keep this date free, as a UK retailer posts the potential PS4 and Xbox One release date and price online
Red Dead Redemption 2’s PS4 and Xbox One release date may have just been leaked by a UK retailer.

UK retailer Base is advertising the game with a September 26 release date and a £44.99 price tag.
While it’s by no means confirmation, it’s certainly the most convincing rumour yet.
Rockstar has previously said the game will launch this autumn, so it ticks one box, at least.
Likewise, September 26 is a Tuesday, which is the day in which most blockbusters tend to launch. Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to have a simultaneous UK release, so this makes it even more believable. 

The last we heard from the game was during publisher Take-Two’s recent earnings report, where the company said that they had big plans for the sequel.

Take Two assured fans that Rockstar would talk about the title – and its online component – soon. Hopefully this includes the release date

Game trailer here